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Digital Multimeter Test Lead Probes

DT-9205A AC/DC Digital Multimeter Tester Pen
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  • Silicone cable
  • Material of cable surface: Not easy to broke; Anti-aging and keep a long working life.
  • Material of tip: Can be applied for various working conditions. Easy to use and very convenient.
  • Contact Plug: 120° plug, security design inside; Sheath design, good dust prevention, and oxidation resistance.
  • Maximum Test Voltage: 1000V/20A
  • Red: positive Black: negative.
  • The length of the cable: 88 cm / 34.3 "
  • Total length: 106 cm / 41.3 "
  • Professional test of maximum voltage: 1000V 20A
  • Easy to read: "+" and "-" signs of near probes
  • With rubber wrapped, it is comfortable to hold
  • A universal multi meter plug-in, convenient to use,
  • It is one of the useful tools that will bring convenience to your work email

Very high quality needle tip probe conductors for Digital Multimeter.