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NPN Bi-polar Junction Transistor/Amplifier
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Low current (max. 100 mA)
Low voltage (max. 65 V)
BC547 Absolute Maximum Rating:
VCBO (Collector-Base Voltage) = 50V
VCEO (Collector-Emitter Voltage) = 45 V
VEBO (Emitter-Base Voltage) = 6V
IC (Collector Current) DC = 100 mA
PC (Collector Power Dissipation) = 500 mW
TJ (Junction Temperature) = 150 °C
TSTG (Storage Temperature) = -65 ~ 150 °C
The BC548 is a general purpose epitaxial silicon NPN Bipolar junction transistor. BC548 Transistor is low noise compare to BC549, BC550. General purpose switching and amplification. NPN transistor in a TO-92, SOT54 plastic package. It is often the first type of bipolar transistor young hobbyists encounter and is often featured in circuit diagrams and designs published in hobby electronics magazines.

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