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8-Channel Relay (5V)

5V 10A 8-Channel Relay Module
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  • This 8 channel 5V relay has both optical and magnetic isolation, providing a lot of protection to the inputs from electrical faults on the outputs.
  • Works well with both 3.3V and 5V logic (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Teensy), requiring little current drive.
  • Breadboard friendly, using Female/male dupont makes it extremely convenient for prototyping.
  • LED indicates its working status. Red refers to errors.
  • 3 terminals per SPDT relay.
  • Each relay needs 15-20mA driver current.
  • Equiped with high-current relay : DC30V 10A AC250V 10A.
  • Each relay has normally open and normally closed contact.
  • The 8 channels are optically isolated, safe, reliable, anti-interference.
  • Can be selected by jumper relay and TTL or ground.
  • With power indicator, each channel has a status indicator.
  • With a relay coil to absorb the diode protection
  • Power supply and relay instructions, lit, the disconnect is off
  • The input signal, signal, common Terminal and start conducting
  • Useful for appliance control
  • DC or AC signal, control, you can control the 220V AC load.
  • Triode drive, increasing relay coil
  • High impedance controller pin
  • Pull-down circuit for the avoidance of malfunction
  • The module is compliant with international safety standards, control and load areas isolation trenches.
  • Size: 140mm x 55mm

It is an 8 Channel Isolated 5V 10A Relay Module optocoupler, which can be controlled directly by a wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM, PLC, etc. It is also able to control various appliances and other types of equipment with a large current. Relay output maximum contact is AC250V 10A and DC30V 10A.

One can connect a microcontroller with a standard interface directly to it. Red working status indicator lights are conducive to safe use. The 8 Channel Isolated 5V 10A Relay Module optocoupler has a wide range of applications such as all MCU control, industrial sector, PLC control, smart home control.

So, ready to get switching on your Raspberry Pi?! This neat relay module features 8 x 12V relays rated at 10A/250V each. It is designed to switch up to 4 high currents (10A) or high voltage (250V) loads with the help of microcontroller!

Each relay can individually switch to on/off state. It only requires a voltage of approx 1.0V to switch the inputs on but can handle input voltages up to 12V. This makes it ideal for 3.3V, 5V & 12V devices.

Note: On the high level and low level-triggered mode, friends who do not understand, have a look

  1. High-level trigger refers to the signal voltage between input and trigger, can be understood as a signal input with VCC cathode short-circuit triggered away;
  2. Low-level trigger refers to the signal voltage between the input terminal and Earth OV trigger, can be understood as the signal input terminal and the GND negative electrode short circuit triggered away  1-channel relay module connection.