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About Us

This Document is last modified on 1st February, 2019.

Who Are We?

One word that describes us is ‘Techie'! We’re a team of techies, highly interested in the technical field, especially electronics. Science and Technology are the gifts by which our world is advancing rapidly day by day. Technology has made us who we are today. We consider this as the new synonym for ‘Love’. We want to spread this love among every individual, especially among the Bangladeshis.

If you love technology, then who you are, whatever you are, doesn’t matter! You are a member of our team. And we cordially welcome you to our family.

What is ‘Robodoc’?

At first glance it may seem like, we’re Doctors of Robots! But, it’s not the case. ‘Robo’ is a combining form extracted from robot and meaning "automated, automatic, or robotic". And ‘doc’ is the shorthand for the word document. In computing, .doc is file extension is associated with word pad and other word processing programs. In the whole, it means anything that is automated but editable, make it as your wish, whatever you want do by it! Actually, you are the Editor! That means you are a Robodoc! You can consider us as the doctors of your tech tensions! It’s basically an online retail shop which is entirely dedicated to provide you with various electronic equipment or tools needed for an electronic project or experiment. Let us snatch your tension and make everything available for you!

Our motive

Bangladesh, our loving homeland is still developing. This era is the era of Science and Technology. Without these we cannot step further. For this we need extensive research in the technological fields which is scarce in our country for the unavailability of resources. There is no shortage of Tech enthusiasts or talented minds in our country. But their thoughts remain in their minds as the equipment they need for their works is unavailable or very hard to find. Sometimes it kills your valuable time and it costs very high also. We want to create an environment for everyone who is keen towards technology by giving our support and providing them with the best equipment at the cheapest price range. We don’t want you to run for equipment anymore or to pay extra money for it. We want our Bangladesh to be the most developed country in the technological world and this is our first little step towards this dream with you.