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USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer (without case)

USBASP USBISP 3.3V/5V AVR Programmer
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Module Specs:

  • The onboard new imported ATMega8 (A/L) chip
  • With power and burning two indicator lights
  • 500 mA onboard over-current protection since the recovery fuse
  • The target board support 5 V and 3.3 V power supply
  • Do not need to install the driver
  • The latest new type automatic adaptive speed control.
  • Suitable for WIN10/8.1/8/7 32/64 computer system.

This product can be directly connected to the computer USB port, the real USB downloader products, through its connection target board, can be used to download MCU programming operation is convenient, especially suitable for notebook computers, desktop computers, programming through the USB port to download debugging.

The downloader features:

  • Supports AT89S51/52 microcontroller
  • Support all ASP AVR chip.
  • The output port for ATMEL standard port.
  • Have USB take electricity and target plate support 5 v voltage, can be connected through the jumper cap to choose from.
  • Automatic speed control can be AUTOSPEED firmware downloader will automatically track the chip frequency to programming, automatic speed changing, to achieve automatic control of motor speed.
  • The reserved MOSI, MISO, RET, SCK, VCC, GND. 6 pin interface, convenient target plate connected users according to their needs.
  • The reserved PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING interface, users can upgrade to download firmware.

Package Includes:

  • 1x USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer
  • 1x 10-Pin JTAG Cable

These AVR programmers are based on Thomas Fischl’s USBasp design and connect to your computer’s USB port. Not only are they quite compact (70x20mm), but the design is really elegant. The USB interface is achieved by using an atmega8 processor and the rest is done in firmware.

Being an Open source hardware (OSHW) project, released under the GNU General Public License, you are free to download the schematic and firmware from Thomas’s website, but then you have a chicken and egg problem. In order to load the USBASP firmware onto the atmega8 on the programmer, yes you guessed it, you need an AVR programmer. Much easier to buy one fully built and programmed.

Some of the features include:

  • Allows you to read or write the microcontroller EEPROM, firmware, fuse bits and lock bits
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (will work on Windows 8.1)
  • 5 KB/sec maximum write speed
  • Software controlled SCK option to support targets with low clock speed (less than 1.5MHz)
  • 10 pin ISP interface (conforms to standard ISP 10-pin pinout)

The latest Window Drivers are fully signed, so you can use them on Windows Vista and above without any issues. The driver will work on both 32 and 64 bit platforms. On Linux And Mac OS X no kernel driver is required, just use AVRdude and specify the correct port.

The programmer will work with a wide variety of Atmel AVR microcontrollers including the Atmega8a and Atmega168a. A full list is available on the specifications tab. The programmer will also work with a variety of software including

Supported Microcontrollers:

51 Series

AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252 and more.

Mega Series

ATmega8 ATmega8A ATmega48 ATmega48A ATmega48P

ATmega48PA ATmega88 ATmega88A ATmega88P ATmega88PA

ATmega168 ATmega168A ATmega168P ATmega168PA ATmega328

ATmega328P ATmega103 ATmega128 ATmega128P ATmega1280

ATmega1281 ATmega16 ATmega16A ATmega161 ATmega162

ATmega163 ATmega164 ATmega164A ATmega164P ATmega164PA

ATmega169 ATmega169A ATmega169P ATmega169PA ATmega2560

ATmega2561 ATmega32 ATmega32A ATmega324 ATmega324A

ATmega324P ATmega324PA ATmega329 ATmega329A ATmega329P

ATmega329PA ATmega3290 ATmega3290A ATmega3290P ATmega64

ATmega64A ATmega640 ATmega644 ATmega644A ATmega644P

ATmega644PA ATmega649 ATmega649A ATmega649P ATmega6490

ATmega6490A ATmega6490P ATmega8515 ATmega8535

Tiny Series

ATtiny12 ATtiny13 ATtiny13A ATtiny15 ATtiny25

ATtiny26 ATtiny45 ATtiny85 ATtiny2313 ATtiny2313A

Classic Series

AT90S1200 AT90S2313 AT90S2333 AT90S2343 AT90S4414

AT90S4433 AT90S4434 AT90S8515


CAN Series


PWM Series