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LDR (Small)

4mm Light Dependent Resistor
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Miniature open frame package
Proxy coated
Moisture resistant
The spectral response similar to the human eye
Dimensions: 10.4mm x 5mm (approx.)
A photoresistor or light dependent resistor (LDR) is a resistor whose resistance decreases with increasing incident light intensity; in other words, it exhibits photoconductivity.
A photoresistor is made of a high resistance semiconductor. If light falling on the device is of high enough frequency, photons absorbed by the semiconductor give bound electrons enough energy to jump into the conduction band. The resulting free electron (and its hole partner) conduct electricity, thereby lowering resistance.
Applications of LDR 12mm - Light Dependent Resistor:
Camera Exposure Control
Auto Slide Focus - dual cell
Photocopy Machines - density of toner
Colorimetric Test Equipment
Electronic Scales - dual cell
Automatic Gain Control – modulated light source
Automated Rear View Mirror
Automatic Headlight Dimmer
Night Light Control
Oil Burner Flame Out
Street Light Control
Absence / Presence (beam breaker)
Position Sensor etc.

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