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Latest Products

GWInstek GPS-3030DD DC Power Supply

GWInstek GPS-3030DD Linear DC Power Supply

GWInstek GPS-4303 DC Power Supply

GWInstek GPS-4303 4-Channel Linear DC Power Supply

MCP M21-7000A Trainer Board

M21-7000A Digital-Analogue Training System

Night Vision Camera for Raspberry Pi

5MP Night Vision/IR Camera for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2 GB)
৳5350 ৳ 5550

Breadboard (Jumbo)

ZY-208 3220 Points Solderless Extra Large Breadboard
৳1390 ৳ 1620

WXD3-12 1k ohm Multi-turn Wire-wound Potentiometer

WXD3-12 1W 1k ohm 5 Ring Multi-circle Precision Wire-wound Potentiometer

Soccer Robot Pack

Specially Customized Soccer Robot Package
৳5590 ৳ 5790

DC Fan 5V

5V DC Fan

ESP32 MCU Development Board

ESP32-WROOM-32 Wi-Fi+BT+BLE MCU Module

I2C OLED Display Module (128x64)

Serial IIC 1.3" SH1106 based OLED Display Module

IC 4518

CD4518BE CMOS Dual BCD Up-Counter

Analog Voltmeter (Mini)

91L16 AC 0-300V Analog Voltmeter

Mini Thermometer & Hygrometer Module

Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter with LCD Display

Wild Scorpion 11.1V 1100mAh Li-Po Battery

11.1V 3S 1100mAh 25C Li-Poly Battery
৳1139 ৳ 1189