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RC Board V.1- Plug n Play

Specially Customized Wire Free Arduino RC Shield
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  • Supply Voltage: DC 7.6-24V
  • Operating Temperature: -4~85°C
  • Arduino: Arduino Nano
  • Current Output: 15A
  • Applicable Motor: Brushed Motor


  1. One Arduino Nano
  2. Bluetooth Module
  3. RF Receiver
  4. ZigBee

Applications: Remote Controlled Robot, Soccer Bot

Dimension: 7cm x 8cm (w x l)

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RC Board V.1 is introduced specially for the RC lovers. Completely wire free professional circuit board in a compact size. Easy to install in any robotic body. With this circuit board, a user only needs to just plug and play. Multiple communication systems can be installed in this circuit board which makes the board more useful and effective.