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IC 7493

SN74LS93N 4-Bit Binary Counters
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  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +70°C
  • Minimum Operating Supply Voltage: 4.75V
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: 0°C
  • Family: SN
  • Operating Voltage: 5.25V
  • Pin: 14

The 7493 IC is a 4-bit binary ripple counter that is capable of operating as a multi-modulus counter. The counter IC 7493 consists of two separate stages of a single JK-flipflop (1:2) and three JK-flipflops (1:8, asynchronous). The reset inputs (R01 and R02) are shared by all flipflops.

For the full 1:16 counter, the output of the first stage QA is connected to the clock input B of the 1:8 counter stage. Larger (asynchronous) binary counters can be built by a cascade of multiple 7493 chips.