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I2C OLED Display Module (128x64)

Serial IIC 1.3" SH1106 based OLED Display Module
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  • Size: 1.3 inch
  • Resolution: 128X64 (higher than the ordinary 12864 LCD display)
  • Color: Blue, White (Randomly sent, depends on availability)
  • Supported platforms: for Arduino, 51 series, MSP430 series, STIM32 / 2, SCR chips 
  • Viewing angle: greater than 160 degrees
  • Ultra-low power consumption: Less than 0.08W during normal operation (far below the TFT display)
  • Support wide voltage: DC 3V-5V (without any changes, directly compatible with commonly used 3.3V and 5V power supply system)
  • Operating temperature range: -30 ~ 70°C 
  • Support multiple modes of operation: IIC
  • Driver chip: SH1106 (the same operation SSD1306)
  • No font: The software takes word modulo
  • Backlight: OLED self light, no backlight
  • Size: Approx. (L) 35.4mm * (W) 33.5mm * 4.3mm (thick)


  • VCC: 3.3-5V 
  • GND: Ground
  • SCL: Serial Clock
  • SDA: Serial Data

[N.B: The header pins might not be soldered. The item might have little difference from the pictures (Depends on the manufacturer).] 

The display quality is much better. The IIC address can be changed, it is convenient to use with different machines. Four square holes are easy for installation.

IIC communication mode, occupy minimum pins, with ACK response, address selection, the most complete function, easy to use!