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FX-AUDIO PT2313 Volume Control Module (Full Set)

DC9-24V PT2313 Digital Tone Controller Pre-amplifier with Remote Control
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  • Product type: Volume/tone control and input selector
  • Chip: PT2313
  • Volume control step : 1.25dB /step
  • Supply voltage: DC 9V-24V single power supply
  • Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance
  • Loudness feature: Yes
  • Up to 3 inputs: With independant volume
  • Fader and balance control: Up to 4 speakers independently
  • Input / Output for external noise reduction system or equalizer: -
  • Volume control step: 1.25dB / step
  • Full remote control
  • 16x2 the LCD display.

Package includes:

  • 1x PT2313 Controller
  • 1x Screen
  • 1x IR Receiver
  • 1x Buttons panel
  • 1x Rotative encoder
  • 4x 3 poles XHP to bare wires

This FX-Audio module integrates a PT2313 audio processor from Princeton Technology Corp. This allows volume, bass, treble and balance control for up to 3 different sources for your DIY amplifier modules.

In addition, the chip offers the Loudness functions and the choice of gain by source independently. Comes with a display, an IR receiver, a remote control, a rotary encoder, and a button panel, it proves, once assembled, to be an essential tool to simply control an amplification module.

FYI: The second output is used to power a rear stereo output. The Fader or Balance function does not work.