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DC Gear Motor and Wheel

DC Gear Motor with 65mm Wheel Set
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Perfect for robot, projects, and of course you can use it with Arduino!

DC motor specification: 

  • Rated Voltage: 3-6V DC. 
  • Gear Motor rotation speed: 125 RPM 
  • Load current: 190 mA (250 mA MAX). 
  • Maximum torque: 800 g. cm min. 

Wheel specification: 

  • Width: 30mm 
  • Diameter: 65mm 
  • Material: Plastic and rubber

Net weight: 65gm (Approx.)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Geared Motor
  • 1 x Wheel

Our DC gear motor and wheel set for making robots! These motors are light weight, high torque, and low RPM. They can climb hills and have excellent traction, plus you can mount the wheel on either side of the motor with its double-sided output shaft.