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Basic Robotics Kits Package (with Rechargeable Battery)

Special Robotics Package for Beginners
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Mini Breadboard Free!
Cumulative Price drop more than 18% Approx.
Equipment list:
1. Arduino UNO
2. Car Chassis (Full Set)
3. Bluetooth Module (HC-05)
4. Rechargeable Battery with Charger
5. IC L293D
6. Resistor, LED, LDR, Potentiometer
7. Wires (M-M, M-F)
8. Mini Breadboard- Free!
See Description for more details!

[N.B: Screw Driver may not be included. Depends on the manufacturer.]

A perfect package of kits for starting your journey of ROBO WORLD!
Detailed equipment list:
1. Arduino UNO- 1
2. Car Chassis (Full Set)- 1
3. Bluetooth Module (HC-05)- 1
4. Custom made high quality Rechargeable Battery with Charger
5. Resistors (220 Ohm)- 5
6. LED (Red, Green, Yellow, White) 5mm- 1 each
7. LDR- 2
8. Potentiometer (10K)- 1
9. IC L293D- 1 (High Quality)
10. Wires (M-M)- 20 Pieces
11. Wires (M-F)- 20 Pieces
12. Mini Breadboard- 1
Color may slightly differ from the image, Mini breadboard- randomly sent.
Schematics: https://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/Arduino_Uno_Rev3-schematic.pdf
Reference Design: https://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduino_Uno_Rev3-02-TH.zip