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New Products

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Starter Kits

Robot Car Chassis (Set)

Robotic Chassis (2 Wheel) Kits
৳505 ৳ 650

Robot Car Chassis 2WD (Round Set)

2WD Mini Round Double-Deck Smart Robot Car Chassis

Robot Car Chassis 4WD (Set)

Robotic Chassis (4 Wheel) Kits
৳930 ৳ 965

Mini Starter Kit

Mini Starter Kit for Beginners
৳990 ৳ 1013

Basic Robotics Kits Package

Special Robotics Package for Beginners
৳1449 ৳ 1575

Basic Robotics Kits Package (with Rechargeable Battery)

Special Robotics Package for Beginners
৳1799 ৳ 1965

Robotics Pack for Robo101 V.2

Specially Customized Robotics Package
৳2190 ৳ 2520.2

Robotics Pack for Robo101

Specially Customized Robotics Package
৳3149 ৳ 3230

Shiledz V.1 (Super Pack)

Specially Customized Shield Package
৳3549 ৳ 3805.5

Robotics Pack (Advanced)

Specially Customized Robotics Package
৳4849 ৳ 5337

Soccer Robot Pack

Specially Customized Soccer Robot Package
৳5590 ৳ 5790