Hello, Innovators! Hope you all are safe and doing well. We kept our operations paused due to the current pandemic. But, it seems like COVID-19 is here to stay a bit longer. Considering the current situation, we have started our operations but with a few limitations. We will try our best to minimize any inconveniences and send your desired equipment to you with precautions. We believe, our effort will help you to utilize your time and engage yourself in creative activities in this strange situation. We also believe that this bad situation will end soon. Till then stay home, stay safe! Thanks for being with us!

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New Products

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Analog ICs

L7808 Voltage Regulator (8V)

3-Terminal 8V Positive Voltage Regulator

NE555 (Timer IC)

Single Bipolar Timers (HQ)
৳10.7 ৳ 12.67

LM358 (HQ)

LM358N Dual Operational Amplifier (op-amp)


LM386N Audio Amplifier (op-amp)
৳15.9 ৳ 18.9


LM741 Operational Amplifier (op-amp)

NE556 (Dual Timer IC)

NE556 Dual Precision Timer


LM3914 Dot/Bar Display Driver

IC 7483

4-Bit Binary Full Adder with Fast Carry


LM353P Dual General-Purpose JFET-input Operational Amplifier (op-amp)


BiMOS Operational Amplifier (op-amp)